Jan 26th Featuring at Alchemy Slam at Iron & Gold in San Francisco

Kevin Devaney features at San Francisco Poetry Slam

Kevin Devaney features at Alchemy Slam

Feb 8th Electro Swing with Cyril Noir at the Bayview Hotel  (Early Bird Tickets Here!!)

Kevin Devaney Poems the Poems with a tie

Poems and Typewriters and Debauchery, if that’s your thing.


Class 1    Sat. the 27th of February
Section 1: 10am-1pm  pt 1. 
 The role of free writing / guided writing in the generative process
Section 2: 2pm-5pm   pt 2. Introduction to critical editing choices.

Class 2   Sun the 28th of February
Section 1: 10am-1pm 
pt. 1 Introduction to Construction and Deconstruction of Metaphor
Section 2: 2pm-5pm 
pt. 2 Metaphor and Metrics: correlations and experimentation in verse-aware prose

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