Hello neglected blog

December 4, 2012

…so you remember that last post with the photos that happened almost a month ago?  The one where I mention that I have a job working somewhere awesome?  Right, well that’s a true story.  And the downside to that whole “true story” thing is that I have a whole lot less free time than I did when I was unemployed and kicking about the country, add to that a crazy busy trip back home to celebrate my birthday and thanksgiving, and a botched attempt to sell my car, and it all equals very few blog posts.  But now I’m back in the Cruz with a (theoretically) more settled job schedule, so I’m going to try to get back on this whole practice of updating about my personal life, and also about awesome arts organizations, and then hopefully sometime soon I’ll be able to travel to Southern California to visit my wonderful family who has been adamant about welcoming me with open arms since I traveled out here months ago in the first place.

In the meantime I’m going to leave you with these two treats:

1.  An outstanding “name your price” download from MN based “Doomtree” collective member Paper Tiger called Beat Tape

2. A photo essay of my travels back to MA which will be following shortly with an outstandingly clever title.


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