Remember when this blog used to have photos?

November 15, 2012

welcome to my camera (click through for larger versions):

look at that sky!

The Tannery Arts Center and Rebecca’s Cafe: my current place of employment!  (sorry about the shadow: couldn’t convince city officials to move the streetlight or the sun for the purpose of my photo shoot)

The view from the courtyard behind Rebecca’s at the Tannery. So psyched to be volunteering to help fund raise for a performing arts space just out of frame of this photo!!!

This is what Tannery Arts Center looks like without the sign in front of it.

Erol Specter doing his thing at the Tannery. More artists and what they do can be found here:

Just a small sample of some of Erol’s work.  I…I really like belts…and shoes.

This is where I live! interior photos coming as soon as the interior isn’t a mess.

This is my view when I step out my door in the morning.

stone and shoes.


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