Tannery Arts Center is a Bucket of Awesomeness

November 2, 2012


And that bucket is large.  I had the joyous experience of meeting with Rachel Goodman, the Capital Campaign Director for the Performing Arts Center, and I am very pleased to say that starting next Monday, I will officially be volunteering with Tannery!  This place is impressive; I want to tell you about everything they do, but there are new things happening here everywhere I look.  To begin, they provide low cost housing for artists, which is an exciting resource for someone who likes art, and having a place to live, and doesn’t necessarily have a ton of money to throw around.  This is something that always intrigued me about AS 220 in Providence, RI, which is a fantastic  arts and community center where I would probably be volunteering and raving about on this blog if I wanted to live in New England.

This former leather tanning factory has been converted into 100 live-work spaces and 35,000 sq ft of artists studios, which I was able to wander through on their open studio day last weekend.  They have a digital media center, a dance studio, a kiln, I’m pretty sure there’s a darkroom hiding somewhere around here, and there’s a 27′ tall curious woman.   One of the newest additions to the Center is Rebecca’s Café at Tannery, which serves great coffee, espresso, sandwiches, salads, as well as beer and wine.

In the near future TAC is opening a performing arts center and is currently in the middle of a large scale capital campaign; this is where I got really excited.  Who wants to know about what it takes to raise a bunch of capital to start a performing arts space?  This guy.  It only took about a week of bombarding all applicable professionals with my resume, and knocking on office doors to get recruited as a volunteer, but what’s even more exciting is that this space is overflowing with artistic intensity.

Today, Sam showed me his letter press, tomorrow I will be volunteering at Catamaran Literary Reader’s release party, and I also got a paying gig as an artist model on a weekly basis for one of the drawing classes out here.  I know mom, it’s not a job, but it does mean that my budget now has an “income” line above the growing list of “expenses.”

Next step?  Get a real job.




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