Poetry and Artie Moffa

October 13, 2012

Ok, before I get too far into this I want to let you know why Artie Moffa is the best human being ever.  I first met Artie in Boston, at the Cantab Lounge and he was outstanding.  He was also outstandingly dressed.

and look at that paisley tie!!!

As a slam poet Artie brings something to you don’t often see: he’s a formalist.  That’s right, the man has form poems, he has more sonnets that you have childhood memories, more pantoums than you have facebook friends, more sestinas than you have notches on your bedpost, and that’s saying something, because sestinas are really hard work.

Artie recently acquired a little internet fame when he gave Occupy Wall St some pointers.  Now I’m pretty pleased that thus far, I’ve been able to keep this blog fairly apolitical, but no matter how you feel about the Occupy movement, I admire Artie’s ability to articulate the subtleties of the movement and stay focused on beginning a dialogue, especially in this video.

He is also working for Grantoo, a kind of non-profit hybrid business that creates “social games for social change” while giving out educational grants to help kids with their tuition (which he was wise to emphasizes goes straight to the bursar’s office, and can’t be spent on beer).  Another awesome feature of Grantoo is that you can play on behalf of any college student, or student entering college.  So if you like games, penguins, and helping people pay for their tuition, please go check out Grantoo.  Plus, if you play enough, the web start-up guys will be able to pay Artie a little more than he could make being a counter jocky at Safeway.

He also gave me a drive home from Berkeley to San Francisco, and waited by the door to make sure I got in safe.  I think he’s a great.

In other news, I’m getting back in touch with my poet brain by enduring an excessive gauntlet of poetic awesomeness before I move into my new Santa Cruz apartment (see: shed), by going to the following

Wednesday: Berkley Slam (really cool venue, interesting structure to the night, 1 slam, 1 feature, no open mic.  Awesome hosting by Toaster, who could write a book on how to keep the energy up in a venue)

Thursday: New Sh!t Show (one of the coolest rooms for poetry I’ve been in for a while, the stage has converted washboards for lights!!!  I love the structure of this show a 25 person open mic (25!, try finding that outside cantab) and all the work being read has never been read in front of an audience before.  If you’ve ever been to Northampton Poetry, you know how I feel about New Sh!t)

Tonight: Lit Crawl (poets and beer.  what’s not to like?)

Monday: Lit Slam  (OK, I have a ton of positive things to say about this, but I may have to hold off until after the actual event don’t want to talk about how great the date’s going to be until after the date, right?)

Oh good word that’s a lot of words, then Tuesday it’s getting a new home.  Spending my days applying for jobs I don’t want to work at and one that I do.  Hooray, and onward!


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