poem 4: Bruce Lee after three Muddy Dublins

October 12, 2012

Bruce Lee’s face is the electric gasmask for the apocalypse of badassery;
his furious nipples bloodied in ridiculous shades of definition,
Bruce Lee will mess up the four blade claw guy
Bruce Lee will mess up Kareem Abdul Jabar
Bruce Lee will mess up Chuck Norris

(What you might know by now is “Game of Death”
is my favorite Bruce Lee movie.  What you might not know is there is a bar
called “el Matador” that will pour a shot of espresso in a Guinness,
(it is awesome)
while the small flatscreen plays “Game of Death”)

no one will ever pay me to scream “waaaaaa!”
unless they’re paying me to read this poem,
which is unlikely.  More likely I will be paid to say angels, throat, prayer, burn or thighs,
but that’s all about statistics; Bruce Lee is all about breaking everything in this dojo;
this is all about dynamic tension
this is a game
of death.  Tell me
what are the elements making
a positive male role model?

Well, that was a fun game.


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