Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Ceilidh Kane:

September 28, 2012

don’t worry, this human being is every bit as ridiculous as she looks.

Ceilidh Kane flew into Denver last Friday and is subsequently the reason why I’ve been having way too much fun to update this blog for nearly a week.  She is also the reason why I ended up at a “moustache and PBR” party in Moab, UT.  For which I have still not forgiven/thanked her.

Ceilidh: “Thane, look what I brought for you!”
Thane: “you don’t know what you’ve seen!”
me: …?

A little backstory:  I first met Ceilidh in 2008 when I was working at sam’s pizza in Northampton.  She was a student at smith at the time, and had come in to perform a song that she had written in tribute to Mark Firehammer’s chest hair.  I decided we would be friends.  She is a crazy arist and visionary in her own right and is one of the first people with whom I ever talked about my inklings of starting an art bar.  Later, when I ran away from Northampton to spend time in her cabin off the grid in Vermont we got closer while building 1/4 of an oven and one really good swimming hole.

What else can I possibly say about Ceilidh?  She’s wonderful, she has a great senese of humor, I think you two should be friends.  Oh, but if you’re ever trying to flirt with anyone or pick anyone up, don’t take Ceilidh with you.  Everyone will assume you are dating, and you’ll scare off all potential ladies, and then she’ll blame you for scaring off all potential dudes.

I realize that I still owe the internet a post about Boulder and Denver, but in the mean time to hold you over, here are some beautiful things that exist in this country that you can take pictures of from a moving car:

check the sunroof on this whip.

if you crave more pictures, I’m going to put them all on facebook right now.


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