Chapter 9: Minneapolis

September 19, 2012

So I had the wonderful opportunity to check out Minneapolis with my wonderful host Chantz Erolin

this guy = !

I was there for a total of 48 hours and I feel good about packing in a ton.  Let me say this: Minneapolis has it going on.  For real.  As soon as I got in Chantz took me to a Hip Hop festival, where I saw a ton of local twin city talent as well as Talib Kwali (my mom said she didn’t know his music, so here you go mom)

I can’t give Chantz enough props for making me feel welcome and connected in this town, he’s super plugged in to the hip hop scene and interested in the community around the art form.  Not only that, but he was kind enough to introduce me to Philip Bither, the Performing Arts Curator from the Walker Arts Center who I was able to sit down and have breakfast with.  I I really dig on what the Walker is setting out to do, and on top of that, the place is huge, respectable and gorgeous:

this is the view from the Sculpture Garden, which is also dope.

We were able to talk about what it takes to run a successful performance arts program that engages the community and a little bit about alterative and emerging arts spaces. I wasn’t able to actually explore the Walker because the only day that I wasn’t hanging out at hip hop festivals and poetry readings, it was closed, but I was able to check out its ample Sculpture Garden.  Check out this art:

very. large. spoon. also: cherry.

I wish I had more time in town so that I could have hung out with some folks from Bedlam, where I totally would have applied for this job if I had known about it earlier.

I also got to drop poems at two different venues: once at Balls Cabaret and once at Hamline College, and to round it all off, I got to do a bit of bar hopping, where I took no pictures, but Chantz did beat both his aunt and me at darts.  Oh, and you should totally check out his work with Audio Perm and Art School Girls.



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