Chapter 7: Santa Fe

September 14, 2012

Santa Fe was not even on the map for this trip, but after driving through the night from texas, and passing the mark of being on the road for a total of over 4,000 miles less than a week into the trip we…we got a little tired.  So we stopped in Santa Fe for a few days to recharge the battery (that’s a metaphor, mostly).  And Santa Fe treated us really well.  Here are some pictures of things that are on the walls in Santa Fe bathrooms.

at the Matador


this combined with mirrors at an reality-skewing 27 degree angle almost made me hit the floor…and this was at breakfast

The camping in Santa Fe was gorgeous, we spent most of our nights here at Black Canyon Campground near Hyde Park, or as the locals say “oh, up by the ski lodge.”  It may sound posh, but this was some of the most backwoods camping we’ve done all trip, which was cool and all, except for when it was raining.  We did do one posh night of camping at the KOA campground, but showers were a necessity at that point.  Look at this:


look at this natural beauty!

yup…still beautiful.

Highlights of Santa Fe include: getting to “kick a piece” (as craig says) at Poets Battle and Jam at Better Day Café (where the dank burrito is complete true advertising), writing a on the spot poem about Santa Fe, checking out 2nd St. Brewery, dollar tacos at Junction, and The Matador: the divest dive bar I’ve ever loved so much.


All and all we spent four days in Santa Fe wandering around, making a few friends, and cooking over campfires.  It was a nice breath of fresh air, but I wasn’t looking to build an art bar here, and thusly wan’t looking around at the art scene.  Even without looking for the arts here, I couldn’t help but notice that this city is full of public sculpture.

pretty sure this is Prometheus, but even if it isn’t it’s still badass.


this comes up to my chest.

Also, getting to hit up a poetry open mic felt really good, since it had been a while.   And just for good measure I checked out the bars.  I know this much, if I had decided to start an art bar in santa fe, all I’d need to do is throw in a functioning dart board and I’d be filling a niche that no one else in that town is tending to.  When I realized this I had an overwhelming compustion to play darts that left me restless, so I drove to Denver to search for a dart board.

spoiler alert:


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