Chapter 2: Camping in the Carolinas

September 5, 2012

After spending a brief period of my morning on the beach where I spend almost every summer of my childhood, my companion and I drove out to Mt. Mitchell State Park.  Which is stupidly beautiful except for the fog.  The fog out here is as ubiquitous as heart metaphors at a bad poetry reading.  I spent most of my time staring at a white mist that obstructed the beautiful mountains, until my heart felt like it was a mountain peak obscured by a opaque atmospheric whiteness…regardless we were able to set up a great campfire and eat a three course meal before breaking in our tent for the first time.

[awesome picture of our delicious dinner]

Today we made our first trip into Asheville, NC.  Although I’ve only been here for three hours, Asheville is recommending itself highly to me with perks including, but not limited to:
an awesome bookstore that gives me three coffees for $1.87, cool outdoor public performance spaces, promises of multiple beer bars, and two human beings who have already called me “brother.” been here for three hours.  Thanks, Asheville.

[soothing picture of me at the beach]

Also in recent news, we’ve redirected our travel plans from New Orleans to Hot Springs AR, because hot springs are awesome and I’ve never been.  Photos as well as more information on what I think of Asheville to follow.

[enticing picture of me having fun in Asheville]


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