Chapter 1. Going South, Giving Thanks

September 4, 2012

Writing to you from a Comfort Inn in Shallotte NC.  It’s been a crazy time getting down here, and even though I’m exhausted I’ve decided that I’d like to put up a blog post tonight before I go to sleep because, well, my mom might check in at midnight to see if I’m ok.  Yes, I did make it.  Arthur came through and we were able to make it as far as Shallotte, NC in Chapter 1: Escape from Brooklyn!

Everything you see under the map I lugged around to everyplace on the map.

While this may sound thrilling and eventful, I guarantee you it actually just involved much highway driving and moments of Epiphany when Arthur and I realized we have crazily similar taste in poetry (or that “Snow Man” by Wallace Stevens is just an awesome poem).

And while it is hard to feel that I’ve even started this road trip of looking for the Art Bar’s city (haven’t been to a city yet, nor have I done anything concerning Art), the real truth is that I couldn’t have even made it this far without some outstanding hospitality and I have some serious thank yous to give.

In roughly chronological order:

Thanks to Meaghan Plunkett, Paul Barker, Nathan Peterman, Beth Newell, Chet Siegel, Bianca Causol, Alex Marino, Elana Fishbein, Jared Singer, Jeanann Verlee, Joanna Hoffman, and Ingamar Ramirez for the awesomeness that is Kiss Punch Poem.  What a totally cool animal, a different way to bring an audience to poetry while simultaneously playing the heart like a rubber band tissue box guitar that bounces between laughter and pain and creates a beautiful resonance.

Thanks to Zach Zamchick for buying me a beer during said performance, and for talking theater with me.

Also, a second thank you to the Urbana Slam Team, I’m not sure if you believed it, but all that gushing was sincere, you’re all outstanding artists.

Thanks to Oliver Snure, for trying.  Valiantly trying.  This is not the first (nor the last) disaster that will be caused by duct tape.

Thanks to Erinn Clancy and all the folks from 1R who came through in the clutch for me.  I have no words large enough.

words large enough to say thank you for getting to stay here?! are you kidding?

Thanks to Jessica Ankeny for a great afternoon of tacos and talk about poems and hospitality.

aaannd…it has gotten late.  More driving tomorrow and on to Asheville!

oh, also no thank yous to waffle house. ever.


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