Chapter 0. Bolt Busted.

September 2, 2012

I am writing this first post on a bolt bus on the mass pike going on the first leg of my road trip across the country.  “…but wait Kevin,” you say “weren’t you going to *drive* across the country.”  Why yes, yes I was.  I don’t want to go into the whole story but an individual (let’s call him Mr. F) seriously let me down in a way that caused me great disappointment, while another individual (let’s call him Mr. A+) was ready to lend me his prius to drive across the country and then got sick because Brie at the Lady Killigrew made him toxic peanut noodles, or because he made out with Jason…hard to say.  So it is that I am spending the first leg of my roadtrip on the humanity kaleidoscope that is American public transit.

“So where are you going, Kevin?”

I’m glad you asked.  Here’s the plan NYC > Asheville > New Orleans > Austin > Boulder > Santa Barbra > Los Angeles > San Francisco > ???


Because I would feel like a better writer, the more I can compare myself to Kerouac.  Kidding.  (incidentally the only Kerouac I’ve read was Visions of Gerard…very few roads.)  Those of you who know me well have probably heard me go on and on about how I want to build an art bar and about how it’s this big vision of mine.  This whole trip is about trying to found the right city for the Art Bar.  I don’t know if it’s on this list.  I’m a little shaky on what I’m going to do once I find it (besides of course apply for some of these awesome grants) , but after a while of looking at New England, Northampton in particular, it seems like it’s just not the place I wanted to be for the next ten years.  So I made a list of cities in warmer climates that have a strong “artsy” feel to them, where there’s some university or college presence.  I think these are going to be the main ingredients in finding a good place to start.  I don’t want to go out in too much detail, I plan on writing an update just about every day so you’ll get the details (internet access willing), and also completing a 30/30 challenge in September (that’s a poem a day, the more deserving of which may be posted here).

taken before I got on the bus to NYC, going to visit my brother in beautiful Vermont. Got to have a brew at Prohibition Pig, and got some lovely tips on where to stop on my way.

So here it is, the first post.  Mom and Dad, I’m still alive, have fun following the blog!


2 Responses to “Chapter 0. Bolt Busted.”

  1. Brian said

    I made the first post! I’m famous. It was so great to see you before you headed out, thanks for making the trip up! Looking forward to another beer or two when you head back east, or I head out west.

  2. Horay! look at you getting famous! Have you ever been out to Asheville? it’s a seriously cool town. Last night I made the trip from Asheville to Nashville. It’s very confusing, but I am gradually getting closer to being “out west”

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