how did i spend all summer…

August 29, 2011

…not blogging?!?!

I know it’s lame, but all of summer has presented me with more opportunities to enjoy outside and real life than it has things to blog about on this site.   For starters, I got a job working in nonprofit booking!!!!

then I realized that job was a scam to get speakers to talk for free without comping their travel expenses, parking fees, or providing water, while paying those who booked them a “contract fee” instead of an hourly wage, while the three folks in charge of the company got what all artists dream of: a five figure salary.

So I retreated to the non-capital magic sustenance of a very special lady.  And picked up a job with a very special lady.

I was also lucky enough to be able to teach a poetry class, and have a course coming up at Greenfield Community College in the fall called The History and Writing of Slam Poetry, that is, if enough folks sign up for it.

But more importantly, I’m currently looking to establish a reputable but open editing group for poets in northampton.  Not a big class, just straight workshops.  So, like the summer class, but without any of the hours upon hours of prep work.

WHERE: 16 Main St. Apt 3 C Northampton

WHEN: all month long in September: 6:30 pm – 8pm…8:30pm…when we’re done.

WHO: Kevin Devaney, and his brain.

HOW:  The method I swear by is pretty simple: the poet reads their work aloud, someone else reads it back aloud.  Then the group responds while the poet remains silent.  After the responses the poet has a chance to ask questions of the group.  After that, the poet is able to edit their poem until it’s strong enough to slay windmills.

WHY: because i desperately want the $2-10 sliding scale I’ve placed on each of these workshops.  That’s right, this whole thing is about money grubbing, and there’s no artistic integrity to it at all.  All proceeds will go to a terrible cause.

for now, that is all, more details of summer travels and possible pictures of me on vacation to come soon to a facebook page near you.


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