Want Money for Art?

April 17, 2011

Hey if you’re an artist in Western Massachussetts you should probably come out and check out Valley F.E.A.S.T.   I’ve done a lot of ranting on this or that website about why it’s great that artists can get funding without a grant cycle, or how people who are putting up the money for art can actually have a direct say in what gets produced.   But if I can get real, for a second here (anyone…anyone looking for real talk here it comes):

F.E.A.S.T. is just a great time.  Really.  Good times.  Art + Food + Revelry + Live Music + Poetry (I’m partial to the poetry, myself)

So just in case you were curious and you wanted more info, I’m going to link bomb you on this one:

First off, BIG ups to Katherin Romansky and Now For Art  http://nowforart.blogspot.com/

And for our performers:

we have the heavy thump-funk of the macrotones: http://www.myspace.com/themacrotones

the vocal angst rock of The Crazy Exes from Hell:  http://thecrazyexesfromhell.bandcamp.com/

the poetry of Jon Sands http://www.jonsands.com/

and the mysterious Hip Hop stylings of Chantz

Stay tuned for more updates at valleyfeast.wordpress.com

and YOU STILL HAVE UNTIL THE 21st to submit a proposal

…and while I’m on the topic of deadlines, you can check out zombie submission guidelines here:


(the deadline is May 15th!)

and soon, I’ll be laying out the groundwork for POETRY CLASSES in the valley this summer.  That’s right, you can learn how to write poems from this guy!  Trust me, I got a degree.  That is to say, I would love to relate to you all the things I’ve learned about poems from Thomas Lux, Marie Howe, Jefferey McDaniel, Victoria Redel, and many other wonderful faculty at Sarah Lawrence College.    more updates to come

for now I’m off to the Poetry Festival at Sarah Lawrence to see some good friends read some awesome poems, but before I go, a quick and dirty shout out to the poetry brothel http://www.thepoetrybrothel.com/ for blowing my mind last night, got to hang out with these New School cats more often, for sure.

Alright, that should be enough links to keep you busy for a while, no?


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