April 13, 2011

Hey all.  I’m sad to report that both my reading for Thursday and Friday have been canceled.  Sad, I know, but there will be more coming up.

On the upside it means that I’ll be able to run around with Sarah Lawrence’s Disc Nuts tomorrow night in their game against SUNY Purchase, and I’ll be able to spend a bunch of time listening to awesome poetry at the Sarah Lawrence Poetry Festival!  (wow, this is a huge school spirit post!)  If you want to join in on the poetry festival fun (it’s totally FREE!)  check this shit out:  http://www.slc.edu/news-events/events/poetry-festival/Schedule.html

Also, I’ve been hustling hard trying to build an Art Bar.  But what I really need is to build a website.  Damn my lack of free time and web-building talent!  Anybody know anybody that could help me out?



  1. Molly said

    Hi Kevin. Talk to me about a website… I don’t have tons of time but I can get a nice looking website up quick.

  2. wordpress asked me to approve this comment, and I wanted to ask wordpress for a button that says “wholeheartedly approve”

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