Thesis Reading & Upcoming Shindigs

April 10, 2011

Recap of Friday:
What a great night! Thanks to everyone who was involved! Poets, Projector Operators, Surprise Lighting Technicians, Artists of all stripes, everyone who came out to support, and everyone who came out to drink! I think I owe a lot of people some Tequila, but maybe I’ll make up for it next time Jasper throws a shindig.

I’ll be doing a few readings this upcoming week, one on Thursday, and one on Friday, so much craziness.  I’m on the home stretch with all my Graduate School stuff, getting ready to head out in to the real world.  If I hadn’t collected $150 in parking tickets in two days I probably wouldn’t be so excited to leave New York.  No offense to all the wonderful people who I’ve met in my time at Sarah Lawrence, but I’m going somewhere where people don’t hate everything all the time, cough on you, and charge you over $1000/month in rent.

I’m setting my sails for the Happy Valley, the glorious return to Paradise City, to attempt to teach poetry and who knows what else.  I know this, I hope to receive lots of submissions to Zombie Attack: Reloaded, ( so that I can spend my week of family vacation reading about zombies on the beach while sipping on beer that I didn’t pay for.  Heaven.

Also, for those of you who were not at the reading last night, or who just want to see it again, here is the amazing video that Heather Strycharz composed to accompany the poem Cicadas:

or you can see more of her work at

I’m out to enjoy some of this lovely weather, probably toss a frisbee, love my love, etc.

ps. I ate an eggplant yesterday that was bigger than my head.  Thanks to


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