Zombie Attack Reloaded: Call for submissions!

March 20, 2011

Guess what’s busted its clammy hand out of a too shallow grave!?  That’s right, Zombie Attack is looking to release its second edition: Zombie Attack Reloaded.

Submission Guidelines:  Submit 1-5 zombie poems (“zombie poems” in this context should be defined as: however you feel like defining “zombie poems.”  Also accepting works of Zombie Fiction and Zombie Art [and Zombie Non-Fiction])  Submit by Email or post.


Email Submissions:

should be addressed to portalartsgroup@gmail.com

in the title of the email include “Zombie Submission” and your last name

the body of the poem should consist of a cover letter including a brief bio, and contact information.

Include all poems in one Word Document attachment.  Please submit in .doc format, with a pagebreak between poem.  Titles in BOLD CAPS.

Submit by Mail:

Address post submissions to

Poetry Editor

16 Main St

Apt 3c

Northampton MA 01060

Include a cover letter as described above.  All poems on separate pages.

Please include SASE if you would like your work returned.

Any questions on submission guidelines can be posted to this blog or addressed to portalartsgroup@gmail.com.

Thank you,



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