As spring and freedom are both sometimes a breakfast food…

February 24, 2011

…I’ve been taking it early this year.

Things are going great in the last semester at Sarah Lawrence, soon to be spat out into the world with a horrifyingly un-life-skilled MFA degree, but it doesn’t seem to bother me.  Perhaps because this semester has thus far been the best poetry class I’ve ever had, or perhaps because my thesis work is finally coming together into one cohesive whole, or maybe I’m just psyched to be spending this summer in Northampton with all my poetry and art collaborators, and my compadre Charley Pope, and lettiong the days come to me in the night garden.

Either way, it’s got me right back into the role of organizer again and loving it.  Right now the biggest thing I’m working on is the weekly reading series at Sarah Lawrence College, which runs every friday night.  It’s designed to give a place for the undergraduate and the graduate writing communities to get together, and to bring the best in spoken word to campus in order to break the stereotype that slam poetry is (as one MFA student described it) “just white boys yelling and flailing their arms, right?”

And although my gender and my ethnicity don’t allow me to do much to combat half of that, I can be sure that my work isn’t just yelling and flailing…right?

Then there’s the monthly series up in Northampton, MA, which runs on the third saturday of every month at the elevens.  If you’re in Northampton and interested in attending, just look around, I’m throwing flyers all over the place today :o)  There are also rumors of another Zombie Chapbook being put out….undead lurking lunging rumors.

and last, but not least, we have announced a date for the next valleyF.E.A.S.T. !!!!! if you were at the last one you know why I’m so damn psyched, what a great night, and an awesome community response.  Keep up with updates and calls for submission soon at



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