How Do I Describe The Violins Spilling?

December 19, 2010

like hornets, but harmless. The bees in the harp are

warmed and drowned in a case of cello.  The heart

of a girl with fantastic shoes
invites New England winter and

even in the vacuum staccato

of snow’s white anvil building,

spills symphonic,
pouring the strings.  When she plays

her mouth to mine it is this

I hear.



3 Responses to “How Do I Describe The Violins Spilling?”

  1. Duende said

    I don’t know if this will make any sense, because the one time I told it to a couple friends this summer, they told me I was wrong and asked “where did you hear that silly idea?”. The thought came when I was biking through the woods and this was it: ‘if I could be anything I wanted to be, I would want to be music’. I asked my friends: “what if there was a universe where the tangible/intangible, concrete/abstract or material/immaterial were reversed and so music, and love would be physical objects”. Poetry would study people and colors would dream of the sky. So your poem has shown me that this is not impossible. thank you

    • thanks for the compliment. If it’s ok with you, I might steal the line “Poetry would study people and colors would dream of the sky” for a poem. Thanks for reading my blog!

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